What is Online Mediation?


The Tech…

Mediate from your home or office and save travel time, expense and environmental impact

We use the awesome and simple to use zoom online platform to mediate suitable disputes remotely.  Zoom can be just as effective as a face-to-face mediation but at a fraction of the cost, as the parties do not need to travel or hire a mediation venue.  It can also be very effective in international disputes where one or more of the parties are based overseas.

Online mediations typically last for 2 – 4 hours (depending on the value and complexity of the dispute) and consist of a mixture of joint and private online meetings using real-time confidential discussion rooms over a super-secure and stable internet site.  Screensharing allows for mindmapping, and realtime collaborative drafting of the settlement agreement.

… taken one step further

Take control, encourage early, fair concession and guarantee a deal #beyondwinwin

The Canadian boffins behind Smartsettle want conflict resolution to be more peaceful, collaborative and intelligent, and we couldn’t agree more! Their breakthrough, patented e-negotiation technology uses a process called visual blind bidding that enables negotiating parties to privately indicate (to the clever software) what they might consider an acceptable compromise without revealing their hand, whilst visualising proposals currently on the table.  The tedious ‘salami-slicing’ dance that often characterises such negotiations is virtually eliminated, and algorithms reward the party that moves more quickly into the zone of potential agreement as parties quickly zero in on a fair and equitable compromise.

If parties are still apart, they can opt for a guaranteed outcome, where Smartsettle uses the median of an impartial evaluation of the mediator and the closest privately acceptable figure, using a unique and face-saving approach which rewards fair compromise without identifying a winner or loser.

We are collaborating with Smartsettle and UK based SeeYouOutOfCourt.com to pioneer the use of this tech in the UK commercial space.  This is the exciting next-step in online mediation and perhaps the ultimate way to resolve disputes efficiently, innovatively and in keeping with the increasingly mission-focussed business world we find ourselves in as the ‘new normal’ takes root.