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Quick and cost-effective online mediation for 21st century commercial disputes

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We love to work with tech start-ups, scale-ups, not for profits and SMEs for whom the cost in time of protracted disputes and litigation doesn’t make business sense. These entrepreneurs value solving their disputes rapidly and cheaply, using innovative technology and modern values they can relate to. 

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Is Forge right for me?

Meet Paul.  12 years of international commercial law experience means he is at home dealing with high value, multi-party disputes.  However, his passion and focus is in using online mediation in more modest value claim situations, where the issues may still be complex, the parties highly invested in the outcome, and where the cost in money, time and resource of litigating may quickly swamp the amounts claimed.

Is your claim lower than £15k?

Consider the court-mandated mediation process.

Is your claim higher than £250k?

We pride ourselves in our expertise and affordability for mid-scale cases. If you have a case which deals with a larger claim (£250k plus) we are probably not the best fit.   

Do you have a dispute between £15-250k

Then we’re a good match! Read more about us by clicking below.  



“Confident, strong opening statement, very clear and concise establishing of the issues, good adherence to confidentiality throughout, great at rapport building and picking up on parties’ feelings, nice and aware of their emotions”


Paul is a talented lawyer and business partner. His insight and thorough understanding of the group’s structures, policies and business culture were immediately helpful and I quickly came to trust his counsel, discretion and integrity. Paul marries an attention to detail with diplomacy, teamwork and an understanding of relevant business imperatives. In my 20 years’ experience, I have found this combination to be a rare and valuable skill in the market.

 CEO, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre